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YO Overview: Can You Accurately Test Semen Quality At Home?

Medical Electronic Systems, a company with over twenty years of expertise in automated sperm analysis, recognized that many men feel anxious about clinical sperm testing. In response, they adapted their technology and introduced the YO Sperm Test home kit in 2016. This FDA-approved kit harnesses smartphone technology to offer a convenient and accurate means of testing sperm in the comfort of one’s home. This innovative approach eliminates the necessity for uncomfortable clinic visits and allows individuals to save on the expenses associated with testing.

Using the YO Device, you can evaluate your sperm’s motility and concentration by connecting it to your smartphone or laptop camera and using the YO app. The system even lets you record and save a video of your active sperm, adding a visual component that enriches your test results and gives a detailed picture of your reproductive health.

Check Your Motility With YO Home Sperm Test Today!

Male Fertility Testing Kit – Innovative At-Home Semen Analysis

In order to perform the YO Sperm Kit test on your semen sample, you must first download the appropriate YO App for your device. The app is available for download from the YO website, Google Play, or Apple Store, and can be installed on a wide range of smartphones, as well as your PC or Mac.

To ensure accurate results, it is important to follow certain guidelines before collecting your sample. Refrain from ejaculating for a minimum of two days, but no longer than 11 days, prior to the test. Additionally, YO recommends keeping track of any symptoms and stressors you may be experiencing, monitoring your alcohol consumption, smoking habits, and recreational drug use, as well as noting any family history of infertility. This information could be valuable if you decide to pursue treatment in the future.

YO Sperm Testing Review

The kit comes with a reusable YO Device and all necessary components to conduct two sperm tests. It includes comprehensive instructions, and the accompanying app guides you through each step of the process.

You can privately collect your semen sample at home and mix it with the provided liquefaction powder to prepare it for analysis. Then, using the included pipette, place a drop of your sample on the slide and insert it into the YO Device connected to your smartphone.

Results are usually available in about two minutes, and the entire procedure typically takes less than 20 minutes. This approach removes the necessity of sending samples to a lab, thereby saving time and shipping expenses.

The YO Device is designed for repeated use, and refill kits for the testing supplies are available for further analyses.

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5 Standout Features of YO

Sperm Analysis Without A Doctor’s Visit

Consulting a fertility specialist can cost thousands and there may be a long waitlist for an appointment. Furthermore, many men find the process of providing a semen sample in a clinic setting embarrassing, awkward, and difficult.

The YO Sperm Test allows you to get a good idea of the quality of your sperm at a low cost, by providing and analyzing your semen sample in the comfort of your own home. There is no long waiting time for an appointment or results, and no uncomfortable clinic visits.

Innovative Device and Smartphone & Desktop App

When paired with the reusable YO Device, the YO app turns your smartphone or computer into a testing device for assessing motile sperm concentration (MTC). By utilizing your phone’s built-in camera and light, the device and app can assess, report, and display a video of your semen sample.

The app guides you through the testing process, step-by-step with both written and animated instructions. Plus, you’ll be able to test your sperm knowledge with a quick game of ‘Semen Trivia’ while you’re waiting for your sample to be ready for testing. It may seem like a small thing, but this sense of levity is welcome in what can be a tense and awkward experience.

Fast & Accurate Results

Using the YO Sperm Test ensures swift and precise results, delivering details on your sperm count and motility just moments after inserting your sample into the YO Device.

Rest assured in the reliability of your results, as the system is FDA-cleared and extensively tested for accuracy, consistency, and other crucial factors. Clinical trials have demonstrated the YO Sperm Testing System’s accuracy, boasting over 97% precision, comparable to standard lab tests.

See Your Swimmers in Action With A Video

As part of your YO Sperm Test, you’ll get a recorded video of your sample, offering a clear visual representation of your moving, living viable sperm. You can save your videos within the app where they will remain 100% private, or you can share them with a fertility expert to expedite the treatment process if necessary.

Track Your Progress

Once you have a YO Device you can purchase refills of the testing materials and track your progress over time with regular testing. This allows you to monitor the impact on your scores of lifestyle changes you have made, in an attempt to improve your semen quality and fertility.

Discover Your Sperm Quality in Just 30 Minutes

The analysis of your sperm sample by the YO Device and app takes approximately two minutes and your easy-to-understand results will tell you your sperm quality and motility, comparing your results to laboratory standards and other men who have successfully fathered children.

You’ll be informed if your sperm count in the optimal, moderate, or low range:

  • Optimal – Above 55 million sperm per milliliter of semen
  • Moderate – Between 55 and 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen
  • Low – Below 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen

The Home Sperm Test also analyzes your Motile Sperm Concentration (MSC) i.e. how many are moving. This is considered very important as if your sperm can’t swim, they will be unable to meet and fertilize the egg. Your results will tell you if your MSC is above or below the normal range (as defined by the World Health Organisation) of 6 million motile sperm per milliliter.

Each kit comes with two tests, which allows you to establish an accurate baseline score. After that, you can order additional refills for regular testing to monitor any improvements following implementing health and lifestyle changes.

Get Fast, Accurate Answers With YO!

Accurate Sperm Analysis for Under $70

Whether you order the YO Sperm Test for your smartphone, Mac, or PC, the cost is the same at , which is cheaper than MyLab Box, which charges $89 for exactly the same kit. It is also better value-for-money than Trak Fertility, which offers a similar at-home semen analysis kit for $89.99.

You only need to purchase the YO Device once with your first kit, as it can be used repeatedly to analyze your sperm samples using your smartphone. After you have used the two test materials, you can order refills from the website, with two costing less than $50.

You can pay securely for the YO Sperm Test and refills with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. You can also use your FSA/HSA, just check with your provider before ordering.

You’ll get free shipping to the US, UK, Israel, and India. If you live in another country, you’ll need to visit the official eBay store or Amazon, where shipping and additional charges may apply.

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The YO website offers an expansive FAQ section covering various aspects, from inquiries about the testing process to understanding test results and the applicability of the YO Sperm Test. Additionally, their blog is filled with insightful content on enhancing sperm health and addressing infertility concerns.

However, the customer support options are somewhat limited, which may be disappointing for some users. There’s no live chat or telephone support available; instead, you’ll find a couple of contact forms on the website along with an email address. While I did receive responses to two submissions within 24 hours, I felt that some of the answers could have been more detailed and specific.

YO Sperm Testing Review

I first asked if FSA/HSA was accepted as a payment method and received a concise and helpful response. A few hours later I requested a sample report, so I could see how they would be presented to the user, but instead received some information on what the results indicate. It is still useful information, but not what I asked for. I never received a response to my email query on how the YO Device analyzes a semen sample.

YO Sperm Testing Review

While the FAQ section and customer support did satisfy a number of my queries about the YO Sperm Testing System, I do feel like customers would benefit from Live Chat, particularly if they are struggling during the testing process.

Additionally, there is no follow-up support from a healthcare provider following your results, offering actionable insights into how you may improve the quality of your sperm, or discuss the next steps. Similar providers Dadi and Legacy offer consultations with some of their packages, however, they do come at a higher price point than YO.

Bottom Line

The YO Sperm Test enables you to accurately test the concentration and, most importantly, the motility of your sperm in the privacy of your own home. This gives you to the opportunity to see if your scores are within the normal range before paying for an expensive (and potentially awkward) visit to a fertility specialist.

Thanks to refill kits you can track changes in your scores over time to see the impact of any lifestyle changes that may improve the quality of your semen. You can also record and save videos of your semen samples to show fertility experts if you should continue to have trouble conceiving.

However, the quality of your sperm is not the only factor that may affect your fertility. The levels of key male hormones also play a role. So, if you’re interested in knowing if you have optimal levels of the hormones associated with male fertility LetsGetChecked and Everlywell offer affordable and accurate at-home hormone tests.

Take Control of Your Reproductive Health Today!


Do I need to test my sperm quality?

Your sperm quality – including concentration and motility – is an important factor in determining your fertility, as well as a good indicator of your overall health. Research has suggested that men’s sperm counts are in decline all over the globe, meaning many men are facing suboptimal levels.

With the YO Sperm Test, you can determine whether your sperm count and motility fit in the optimal ranges. The sooner you discover your scores to quicker you can take steps that may improve your sperm concentration and motility. The reusable YO Device allows you to conveniently and regularly test your semen quality and track the impact of lifestyle changes.

However, you should be aware that the results of a YO Sperm Test are not an official diagnosis. If you are concerned about your fertility, you can show your YO videos to a specialist.

How many times do I need to test with YO?

Each YO Kit comes with two tests and additional refills are available for repeated usages so you can monitor changes over time. To get an accurate benchmark result of your sperm count and Motile Sperm Concentration (MSC), you should test twice.

After that, monthly testing is recommended outside of your partner’s fertile window. After implementing lifestyle changes, you should start to see changes after the first month. However, it takes time for sperm to fully develop, so it may be a little longer before your notice significant changes.

How long does the YO Sperm Test take?

The at-home sperm test from YO is fast and easy, taking less than 30 minutes from start-to-finish. Plus, rather than the long wait for results you’d experience at a fertility clinic, you’ll get your results in under two minutes, delivered directly to the app.

How can I improve my sperm motility?

There are several lifestyle changes that may improve sperm motility, they include:

  • Exercising regularly
  • Giving up smoking and recreational drug use
  • Reducing alcohol consumption
  • Consuming a healthy diet consisting of a variety of fruit and vegetables, high-fiber foods, protein-rich foods, and dairy or dairy alternatives.
  • Maintaining a body mass index under 25
  • Taking steps to reduce the level of stress in your life.

If you are still struggling to conceive after a year of trying, it is important to see your health care provider. They may be able to refer you to a fertility specialist or recommend treatment.

Are there other types of male fertility testing?

Yes, there are a number of companies – including LetsGetChecked and Everlywell –  that offer blood tests that screen for the key hormones involved in male fertility.

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Gemma Davison
Gemma Davison
Gemma is an Applied Biology graduate who has always had an interest in DNA, spending a few years after her degree researching epigenetics. She always keeps up to date with the latest advancements in DNA technology and has even DNA-tested her puppy.

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